Green Tax Service Ltd.


Greeting from the Managing Director

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and I trust you will find all useful information about our company, Green Tax Services Ltd. which has a defining role in the market of environment protection product fee counselling.

We take pride in continuously counselling over 300 of our partners in the representation of the product fee area. We aim to be present everywhere. Among our clients we have small scale-family firms through mid-size companies to the giant international corporations. 

I have been dealing with this type of tax item since 2005, for 14 years. Consequently our partners choose us not only for our wide-scale, deep and concise service but also for our market experience. 

The measure of our success manifests itself in the fact that the countless examinations conducted by the National Tax and Customs Office we have concluded without penalty which of course is not entirely to our credit but our partners’ culture of respecting regulations. 

At present we carry out our operative activities with a workforce of 7, furthermore we call the additional assistance of the most authentic experts in topics not connected to the product fee, let that be environment protection, waste management, customs, ekaer, neta, customs tariff classification, ADR, respectively an area of excise. 

I trust to welcome your enterprise among our satisfied costumers soon!

Mr. Imre Sztruhár

Managing Director