Green Tax Service Ltd.

Our services

Why is it worth assigning us as acting professionals?

Our company is exclusively specialised to perform tasks relating to the environment protection product fee. The vast majority of our income-apart from some occasionally occurring indirect services-comes from this source. As one could see it from our introduction we are eager to ‘being everywhere’, to examine the subject from different aspects and angles. We possess interdisciplinary professional and market knowledge in the given field.

In case of a regulation alteration the supervisory board is inquiring on the professional standpoint of the vocational committees at the stage of policy coordination.

Based on our being appointed representative members of the above associations we obtain information already in the planning phase and we thrive to share our opinion feeding from our pragmatic experiences gained on the market.

During our everyday work when we get in touch with an enterprise, we typically encounter two types of companies: one that does not know it is affected and the one that deals with the product fee but its legal compliance is not exact or concise.

In order to be aware of legal compliance let us examine in the following section what we actually do, respectively, what sort of assistance we are able to provide.

Mr. Imre Sztruhár
Managing Director

Audit service:

· During a partner meeting taking place on the premises of the company we take a thorough look at its activities with relevance to the product fee payment, taking the control methods of the National Tax and Customs Office into consideration. Our primary aim is to map and familiarize ourselves with the company’s relevant activities.
· Our motto is that we are cheaper than the National Tax and Customs Office as the product fee law enables a very high punitive fee in the letters of the law. Inasmuch a representation agreement is made we typically do not bill the audit costs as they are part of our further action plan.
• Our motto is that we are cheaper than the National Tax and Customs Office as the product fee law enables a very high punitive fee in the letters of the law. Inasmuch a representation agreement is made we typically do not bill the audit costs as they are part of our further action plan.

Representation procedure:

Our company carries out a continuous service in the field of product fee representation with over 300 partners, thereby being one of the companies with the widest range of clients.
Apart from some exceptions like companies carrying out simple activities we do not offer representation without an audit since as long as we do not know what we give our offer for it would be nothing else but sheer irresponsibility.
Our permanent tasks:
· Preparation of the quarterly reports, the making of self-checks if necessary and their submittance to the National Tax and Customs Office in an electronic way.
· The making of takeover contracts and submitting electronic reports as a representative to the National Tax and Customs Office.
· Procedure and representation in control examinations concerning the environment protection product fee.
· Continuous monitoring of regulations, in case of changes a written summary of relevant information is provided.
· Requiring statements both towards the National Tax and Customs Office and the lawmaker in case of unsettled or insufficiently regulated legal background.
· Assistance to the supervision of customs tariff numbers, both with the help of external experts and in respect of the expertise of the Vocational Institute of the National Tax and Customs Office.


We break the stereotype of ‘the one who does not know teaches it.’ We have been professional lecturers of the tax-, excise-and product fee administration course of BGSZC Belvárosi Gazdasági Szakgimnázium (Downtown Vocational Secondary School of Economics) on the subject of product fee, furthermore up to the present year for three years we have been carrying out the same activity at Szeged SZC Kőrösy József Gazdasági Szakképző Iskola (Szeged Vocational Centre Kőrösy József School of Economics). We consider it to be important that education be market- conform and we are aware of the demands. We have employed several students of ours during the past years. As practice educators and a major market player we have assisted the work of ÁKT (Ágazati Készségtanács) (Branch Skills Committee) operating under the umbrella of Magyar Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara (The Hungarian Chamber of Trade and Commerce) in the analysis of the workscope of product fee administration position.


This has been the first year when the product fee law has not been modified. During the previous years we mainly delivered lectures organised for county chambers of commerce and trade but we were also active with institutions of educational organisations for accountants, auditors and tax advisors.

Other tasks of ‘ad hoc’nature:

The companies we have been cooperating with for years know that there are hardly any questions with which they cannot turn to us. Anyone claiming to know everything is exaggerating, to say the least. We have been throughout the years gaining such widespread social capital that enables us to find the right person of expertise to our partner. Besides the help from the most authentic experts we are aiming to comply with all requirements arisen, with a special respect to the fields of environment protection, waste management, customs, ekaer, neta, tariff classification,ADR, respectively,excise.
The test of the pudding is in the tasting, do turn to us with trust!